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Last Chance U has a new school lined up for Season 5

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A few weeks back, we shared an article laying out five suggestions for Netflix to feature on their Season 5 of the hit show Last Chance U.

The overwhelming choice among those, based on reactions from social media was Snow College (UT), which had the potential to included some really interesting storylines. Also included on that list were two California schools where things could get especially interesting. Here's an excerpt from our previous 5 programs Last Chance U should consider article to lay out why:

"Unlike the NJCAA, the CCCAA does not give scholarships to kids and California JC teams only play other California JC teams, which means there is always controversy over the Junior College National Title because the best team in California aren’t in the mix for it. The CCCAA has their own poll, rankings, and bowl games as their own governing body."

While the schools we said should get a shot don't seem to be the choice of the show's producers, the series does seem to be headed west.

According to a report shared today by @LastChanceUAlum, the show is heading to Laney College, located in Oakland, CA for Season 5. Sources out west tell FootballScoop that, while nothing is official, they've been hearing the same rumor.

The Laney College football program is led by coach Hall of Fame coach John Beam, who enters his 40th year in the coaching profession this fall. Last year, he was voted the CCCAA Football Coach of the Year, and his squad closed last year with an 11-2 record and holding the honor of the "2018 CCCAA National Champions".

No official word from Netflix yet, but if this plays out to be true, the storylines will be very different in season five with coach Bream's program and might prove to be a refreshing change of venue for the show among coaches.

Friday update>Laney head coach John Beam confirms here that his program will be featured in season 5 of Last Chance U.