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Report: At least 36 Georgia high school coaches earn at least $100,000 annually

Back in 2015, a total of 17 Georgia high school head coaches reportedly made were making $100,000 annually or more. Fast Forward to February of 2016, a study done by First Coast News On Your Side found that there were 22 head coaches in Georgia that made six figures.

Now, two years later, that number has grown considerably and First Coast News released a story yesterday evening stating that there are now at least 36 head coaches making six figure salaries in the state of Georgia.

According to the report, the highest paid high school coach in Georgia is again Rush Propst of Colquitt County HS, who made $132,000. It's worth noting that Propst doesn't teach a single class. Also among the top paid coaches are Raymond King of Cartersville HS - who makes about $127,178, and Franklin Stephens of Ware County - who pulls in $124,791.

Below is a full break down of some of the highest paid coaches in the state, courtesy of

WINNING AT ANY COST: At least 36 #Georgia HS football coaches earning $100,000. Schools districts says it's money well spent. Critics say the money could be spent better elsewhere. Are the coaches worth it? @FCN2go@FootballScoop@coachingsearch

— Matthew Head (@matt8272) February 5, 2018

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Most states, including nearby Florida, pay their head coaches and assistant coaches a relatively small stipend. At Valdosta HS, head coach Alan Rodemaker's coaching stipend almost $36,000. To put that in perspective, the Department of Numbers put the median family income in Valdosta at about $51,000. Rodemaker's coordinators make about $14,000 and the rest of his staff make about $5,000.

The head coaching market in states like Georgia are incredibly hard to break into, and this type of data is just one of the major reasons why.

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