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Report: Maryland to complete investigation into program culture by Sunday

Maryland will complete its investigation into the program culture under head coach D.J. Durkin by this Sunday, according to comments made by prominent Terps booster Rich Jacklitsch on the YoungTerpspodcast.

The investigation into the events leading to Jordan McNair's death was completed and released last Friday. That investigation found the school culpable in the player's death.

Now, just because the investigation is scheduled to be completed Sunday doesn't mean its findings will be released Sunday. Remember, Ohio State's investigation was also completed on a Sunday, but a final result was not released until after the school held a day-long board meeting the following Wednesday.

Maryland will also have to convene a board meeting to discuss this second report's findings, and the board is not scheduled to meet again mid-October.

That doesn't mean Maryland's regents can't convene before that, though.

“That’s probably pie-in-the-sky,” Jacklistch said, “but I’m hoping phone calls can be put together after they get their report and right a wrong that was done to our coach.”

The investigation was commissioned by Maryland president Wallace Loh, but the board has since taken control of the probe.

Jacklistch, as detailed by InsideMDSports, is a member of the Champions Club, a 13-member group of Maryland super-boosters who have nearly unlimited access to the program. That group submitted a letter to Maryland's Board of Regents in support of Durkin.

“No one can tell me that’s the actions of a coach that has a toxic culture. That is so false,” Jackslitch said. “It is a ridiculous narrative pushed by [ESPN’s] Heather Dinich to sell stories and it’s dead wrong. 100 percent wrong.”

Maryland board chairman James Brady said last Friday he expects the findings of the second investigation to be released "very soon."

In the interim, the Terps are off to a 3-1 start under interim head coach Matt Canada. Maryland blew out Minnesota 42-13 last Saturday to open Big Ten play, and is off this Saturday. The Terps return to the field Oct. 6 at No. 14 Michigan (noon ET, ABC).

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