Credit: Baylor

Yesterday, as the announcement of Matt Rhule’s contract extension came out, we were left wondering what the terms of it could be and if Baylor were stepping up enough to close the door on other potential opportunties that may arise as Rhule continues to impressively build the Waco program back up.

Today, we got an answer (without the exact numbers), per a report from David Smoak.

Smoak shared that his sources told him that the buyout for Rhule is “among the top buyouts in the industry of college football coaches contracts, without question among the top 5 overall.”

The top buyout in the coaching industry that immediately comes to mind is Jimbo Fisher’s, who famously signed a fully guaranteed deal at Texas A&M worth $75 million. Other than that monster figure, Willie Taggart’s buyout comes to mind, as it currently sits at $17 million.

Athletic director Mack Rhoades was asked how the university is protected in this latest contract extension, and he shared an interesting word to describe the new buyout – “agressive.”

See the full quote:

“You never want a buyout to keep or force someone to stay at your place, you don’t want to hold them hostage. I don’t think that makes sense. Now, with that said, a buyout is important and whether it’s coach Rhule or anyone else tells me, you know what my family feels that we want to go somewhere else…the buyout is aggressive but not necessarily because we’re going to do it to prohibit coach Rhule or others from leaving because that’s not the right mentality.”

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