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Report: Michigan expects $56 million in revenue from Big Ten

The Big Ten is set to distribute $56 million to its full-shared members, according to a budget presentation Michigan AD Warde Manuel made at a U of M Regents meeting on Thursday, according to the Detroit News.

The $56 million revenue increases the Big Ten's own record of $52.1 million in 2018, and represents a massive leap from the $36.3 million the conference distributed to its full-shared members in 2017.

New-ish members Maryland and Rutgers are not set to receive full shares until the 2020-21 academic year.

The SEC is the closest conference to the Big Ten; that conference sent $43.1 million to its members in 2017-18, which was announced this February. The Big 12 distributed $38.8 million -- a figure that does not include third-tier rights such as Longhorn Network, while the ACC shipped out $29.5 million and the Pac-12 was roughly the same. The ACC, in conjunction with ESPN, will launch ACC Network in August.

At $56 million, each Big Ten school will earn more than the total revenue collected by the entirety of the Mountain West, MAC, Conference USA and Sun Belt.

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