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Report: Mike Gundy to take significant pay cut for second straight year

Mike Gundy led Oklahoma State to an 8-3 finish last fall, and a 6-3 mark in Big 12 play.

Normally, that's the type of season that nets raises and contract extensions, something that Gundy is very familiar with heading into his 17th season at the helm with a record of 137-67 in Stillwater.

However, for the second straight season, even though season ticket sales are about to hit 50,000 for just the third time in his tenure with the program, Gundy will make $1 million less than what his contract calls for, according to the Tulsa World.

The pay cut was an idea initiated by Gundy, the report shares. 

Gundy's contract called for him to make $5.375 million in 2021, and Bill Haisten shares that a source tells him that Gundy will instead make $4.375.

Like most coaches last year, Gundy took a temporary $1 million pay cut at the request of the athletic department, who knew the 2020 season would bring financial challenges unlike anything they had ever experienced.

It's also worth pointing out, that almost exactly a year ago, Gundy took some heat for his choice of t-shirt and sparked a controversy with one of the star players on the team, as running back Chubba Hubbard threatening to boycott the program until change took place.

The tightening of the belt by Oklahoma State isn't just hitting the head ball coach though. It has trickled down to assistant coaches as well, as they will not receive scheduled raises in 2021.

How hard were the athletic department finances in Stillwater hit by the pandemic? Back in 2019, the season before the pandemic, OSU football made $37 million in revenue, according to athletic director Mike Holder. 

The 2020 season saw the Cowboys bring in just about $12 million.

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