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Report: NCAA opts to not vote on fall championships tonight

Earlier today, Zach wrote about how the decision expected today could be a monumental one for fall sports. So many coaches were expecting news one way or another tonight, but it doesn't look like it panned out that way according to a report tonight.

According to a report from Brett McMurphy tonight, the NCAA's planned vote on fall championships did not happen tonight as expected.

Instead, McMurphy shares that each Division is expected to decide how they will proceed with fall sports, due to drastic differences in divisions.

Many FCS, Division II and III football conferences have postponed fall competition until the spring, with individual schools and the FBS level still holding out hope to play in front of drastically limited crowds this fall.

The decision will likely be a mere formality at the Division II and III levels, where the vast majority of conferences have already suspended fall competition.

At the Division I level, every FBS league has signaled it plans to compete this fall, and seven of the 13 FCS leagues, including powerhouses like the Missouri Valley and Big Sky, have yet to announce a fall decision -- certainly waiting on guidance from the Board of Governors.

Instead, the Board of Governors elected to pass the baton to Division I's Board of Directors -- a different group comprised of different people. The Presidents' Council will make the call at the D2 and D3 levels.

The Division I Board of Directors is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, so prepare yourself now to do this all again tomorrow.

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