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Report: NCAA planning to move forward with limited one-time transfer rule

It's something that's been kicked around for a while, and it now appears it will get the approval needed to move forward.

According to a report from Bryan Fischer, the NCAA will be moving forward and allowing one-time transfers.

The catch is that the one-time transfer waiver will be for the upcoming 2021-22 year only, and comes on the heels of nearly a year long pause on key recruiting events like on-campus visits and coaches hitting the road for recruiting.

Pretty hard for a kid to feel 100% about their college commitment without experiences like that.

A number of coaches would like to see a more permanent adoption of the one-time transfer rule that would cut some of the NCAA red tape and allow kids to transfer once without the penalty of sitting out. A few years ago, some high profile quarterback transfers were granted immediate eligibility, while other players who had family hardships and good reason to transfer had their requests denied, without explanation.

But for the time being, considering the events of the past year, a one-time transfer allowance certainly makes sense. Hopefully the NCAA views it as a trial for adopting it on a more full-time basis.

An official vote will come from the Division I Council during their April meeting after the Final Four.

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