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Report: NFL league office, teams clash over whether to push back draft

The NFL has said it plans to hold the draft as scheduled on April 23-25, in whatever form it can. And we learned Tuesday night it plans to stick with that schedule whether its teams like it or not.

Adam Schefter and Dianna Russini reported Tuesday that a GM subcommittee voted to move back the draft, which the league -- at this time, at least -- plans to ignore.

Part of the concern, according to the report, was a fairness issue with some facilities shut down and others open for business.

Roger Goodell solved that competitive balance concern Tuesday night by closing all league facilities for the time being, announced via this memo.

NFL memo

This, of course, leads to another issue of teams attempting to organize their draft remotely, an issue every business in the country is navigating in real time.

With travel halted around the country, teams haven't been able to travel to pro days -- though many schools are filming theirs and sending video to all 32 teams -- or bring players in for visits. Assuming the draft does go on as scheduled, it remains an open question when teams will be able to bring their draftees to their new homes.

We've learned in the age of the coronavirus that even the best-laid plans are written in sand, not stone. But, until we're told otherwise, the NFL Draft will go on, no matter how the actual teams that make up the NFL feel about it.

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