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Report: Possible return of the MAC to be voted on later this week

Since the Big Ten's announcement of a fall start, the question of whether the MAC - the other conference in the same midwest footprint - would start up as well has been lingering.

According to a tweet from Pete Thamel this morning, a vote is expected on the possible return of the MAC on Friday.

Thamel's tweet adds that the league is expected to play a six-game schedule. No word on when the season would start was available.

The MAC was the first FBS conference to push their football season to the spring with an announcement back on August 9th. In their decision, they stated that the conference's health experts were uncomfortable with the idea that athletes would be facing a higher level of risk than traditional students, adding at the time that they were comfortable that they were making the right decision for collegiate athletics.

The Big Ten has their kickoff set for October 24th, and the Pac-12 is expected to decide on a return to a modified season as early as tomorrow. The Mountain West is also considering a modified season with eight games as well, according to various reports.

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