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Report: Rutgers, Greg Schiano could revive talks

As soon as talks broke down over the weekend, Greg Schiano immediately started getting his side of the story out, and that's important. By setting the narrative, Schiano created a groundswell of support that led to this: according to, Rutgers and its former coach could revive talks to bring Schiano back to Piscataway.

The site reports that there is a "growing belief" negotiations could be brought back to life. Schiano is reportedly willing to return to the table, while Rutgers officials are "beginning to entertain the possibility," the report reads.

Details of what Schiano sought in order to return to Rutgers have now leaked, and reported Wednesday that Schiano backed off many of his most expensive demands, while at the same time AD Pat Hobbs -- who worked behind the scenes to undermine the deal -- never brought a counter offer to Rutgers' board of governors or the schools' top donors.

In the meantime, Schiano has completely won over the public, as the state's high school coaches released a statement trashing the administration, and many donors and former players have publicly joined the pro-Schiano camp. (The one public figure to support Rutgers walking away from Schaino? Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.)

It seems whatever leverage Schiano had over Hobbs when talks first began earlier this fall has only grown since he walked away from the job. Stay tuned.