Georgia announced earlier today that they plan to push back the start of their fall season a few weeks, but plan to keep their full 10-game schedule and 5-week playoff. Meanwhile, to the south, high school football anarchy is reportedly brewing as schools wait to hear plans for the fall from the Florida High School Athletic Association.

According to Bob Putnam, who covers high school sports in The Sunshine State, a number seven counties on the west coast of Florida are considering breaking away from the FHSAA for the year.

Putnam notes that schools in those counties are considering having their own 7-game regular season starting in October, complete with a bowl game at the end.

Could that work, or is it a bold bluff? It seems extreme not knowing what the FHSAA has planned, and it would take a really coordinated effort by a lot of schools with different sets of interests, but it’s not all that crazy in a state that many consider to be the Wild West of high school sports.

While some states will read that and think it’s crazy, it’s worth noting that Florida already has schools that are not part of the FHSAA and operate independently – the most notable of which is the IMG Academy’s National Team (while the IMG Varsity Team competes at the Florida 3A level).

Putnam added in another tweet “that student medical advisory board wants to delay the start of football and volleyball indefinitely and reassess the situation every two weeks.”

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