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University of St. Thomas (D-III - MN) has found a new home in Division I

St. Thomas, the Division III powerhouse in Minnesota involuntarily booted from the MIAC by fellow members for winning too much, may have found a new least for some sports.

Update >>St. Thomas has announced the news, complete with a Q&A about what the potential move (provided the waiver is granted - see below) means for sports, and for football specifically.

Read more on that here.

According to the Star Tribune, St. Thomas has been invited to join the Summit League of Division I. However, the Summit League is not home to football teams.

The news for other sports could clear the way for the Tommies to join the FCS ranks of the Pioneer League though, which was rumored back in August. The Pioneer League is a non-scholarship FCS league with teams from California to Florida to New York. As we pointed out back in August, a move from D-III to D-I isn't possible, unless you get a waiver from the NCAA

The move for the school to go to the Summit League is pending NCAA approval of the school's waiver request that would grant them the ability to go from Division III to Division I without first competing as a member of the Division II.

According to the Star Tribune, if the waiver gets approved, the Tommies would join the Summit League in 2021 after two more seasons in the MIAC. After being "involuntarily removed from that league, one can only imagine the taste the Tommies will have in their mouth as they face some teams that voted to boot them from the league after beating them handily by scores of 50, 60, 70, and sometimes even 80 points.

What all this means for the future of the football program is yet to be officially determined.

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