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Report: Texas expected to lose a few big name staffers this off season

According to a report from 247 today, former UNC head coach turned Texas analyst Larry Fedora is not expected to return with the Longhorns "in any capacity" after this season.

As part of his buyout with North Carolina, Fedora is due $3 million annually for the next three seasons as part of his $12 million buyout with the school, and he has his sights set on being a head coach again despite the apparent support among the Longhorn fan base for him to move to offensive coordinator amid the team's struggles on that side of the ball.

It's worth noting that offensive coordinator Tim Beck is in the final year of his deal.

Fedora, the former head coach at Southern Miss before leaving for UNC, was making about $25,000 annually as an analyst with the Longhorns, and the report adds part of the lure for him in Austin was the draw to work with his son, Dillon, who also came on board as an analyst for Tom Herman's staff.

If Fedora is unable to find the right fit for him to return to a head coaching role, 247 notes that it's likely he decides to take some time off with family until the right situation presents itself, with the UNC buyout money still scheduled to come in for another few years.

The report also shares that former Kansas State offensive coordinator Andre Coleman is "likely to look for another on-the-field" coaching job come spring when his contract is up.

Yesterday, we shared how Tom Herman was laying the groundwork for staff changes in Austin, where Zach mentioned both Fedora and Coleman as vital members of the Longhorn staff, going as far as to share that he leans on Fedora quite often for advice.

Head here to read the full report.

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