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Report: Texas trying to settle the Joe Wickline lawsuit

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News

Joe Wickline was never the offensive coordinator at Texas. You knew, I knew it and Oklahoma State most certainly knew it; but Texas officials maintained the ruse for far too long.

Well, if the report out of Austin is correct, it appears new interim athletic director Mike Perrin seemed to have known it too... or at least has the smarts to recommend they seek to settle the case.

For quick background, Oklahoma State's contract with Wickline (to be their offensive line coach) included language stating that Wickline would owe a substantial fee (nearly $600,000) to Oklahoma State should he leave for anything other than a head coaching position or an offensive coordinator role "with play calling duties". Texas hired Wickline to be their offensive live coach; but gave him the "offensive coordinator" title while simultaneously giving Shawn Watson (the play caller) some other title such as assistant head coach of offense or something ridiculous like that. Yes, this was nothing more than a structured deal meant to help Wickline avoid paying the damages to Oklahoma State; but nearly everyone outside of Austin saw right through it.

As we've said from day one, this one is obvious. Oklahoma State is rightfully due their money and will get paid. The only question at this point is how much they will accept to avoid this going to court. Our guess is they will largely stick to their guns (no reason not to at this point). Texas (or Wickline...but presumably Texas will at the very least front the money) will have to pay darn near the full amount is our educated guess; although Chip Brown's report says that Texas expects to settle in the range of about $300,000.

The benefit to Texas settling is quite simple to stop the pain and move on. Texas needs to put all of the distractions behind themselves and simply focus on football. Allowing this to linger, having the quarterback, other offensive players and the coaching staff deposed, just not something you want. In my opinion, this is a no brainer. The facts are clear. The money is owed to Oklahoma State. Work your best possible settlement, pay it and move on.