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Report: The Ravens are proposing an innovative "spot and choose" overtime solution

When it comes to overtime procedures, the consensus seems to be that the college football version is a ton better than what the NFL offers.

Because of that, each off season there seems to be a number of suggestions and proposals that range from a change in the time for an overtime period to some wacky suggestions from fans and even NFL teams to rework the overtime process.

The last time overtime rules were reworked a bit was 2017, when the period was shortened from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, with player safety as the driving force for the change. In 2010 the sudden death format we all recognize today was adopted, where both teams get a chance at possessing the ball, unless the team that receives the opening overtime kickoff scores a touchdown on their first possession.

Now, one NFL team is looking to introduce an alternative overtime wrinkle that is really intriguing.

According to PFT, The Ravens are proposing a pair of overtime procedures that have been dubbed "spot and choose."

In the proposed change, one team would pick the start of the ball to begin overtime, while the other team would then have the option to start the period playing offense or defense. A coin toss would be used to award the option of the spot, or offense / defense, to the team that wins the toss.

So if Team A were to choose the 20 yard line, Team B would then get the option on playing offense or defense from there.

There are two proposals for the timing of the spot and choose OT period. One would keep the sudden death format, with the first score by either team ending the game with a 10 minute period, while another proposal outlining putting 7:30 on the clock without a sudden death component. In both scenarios, a tie game at the end of the extra period would result in a tie.

The unique thing about this approach as opposed to the current version of the NFL overtime is how strategy would immediately play a bigger role. Things like personnel available, injuries, range and dependability of kickers would all come into play in making the spot or choose decision.

PFT shares that the tipping point for the spot would likely be the 13-yard line noting that from the 14 yard line out, the team choosing offense or defense would be more likely to take the ball, and from the 12 yard line in the team would be more likely to choose defense.

Normally, these proposals are fun to think about and rarely pick up any steam.

Add me to the list of coaches that would really like to see this one take off. How about we start this OT wrinkle in the preseason to shake things up and go from there?

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