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Report: Urban Meyer is looking for top dollar to come out of retirement

With six NFL jobs now officially open, and the Jaguars being the one that has had Urban Meyer's name mentioned with it the most, the Urban Meyer whispers about a possible crack at the NFL are only getting louder.

If that's the case, Urban is reportedly asking to be paid handsomely to come out of retirement.

Pro Football Talk shares that Meyer is looking to make $12 million per year.

That's a lot of coin, but is that a crazy number?

The Panthers gave Matt Rhule $9 million per year to leave the program he rebuilt at Baylor to come to the NFL as a first-time NFL head coach.

According to Sporting News, the top paid NFL coaches in 2020 were Bill Belichick ($12 million), Pete Carroll ($11 million) Jon Gruden ($10 million) and Sean Payton ($9.8 million). In a piece back in January, PFT shared how that number that is reported to the league office can be deceiving because they're "often incomplete, with other compensation coming not from the team but related entities, for general services like 'advertising.'"

The answer becomes, is anyone going to be willing to step up and pay Bill Belichick-type of money for one of the most successful college coaches of all time, but a first-time NFL head coach?

If a team is willing, will it be enough for Urban to say yes, and does he actually want to return to coaching? A lot has been made about how Urban deals with losses, does he really want to come back to the game, considering his health issues, to a team that just lost 15 games?

Head here to read the full take from PFT.

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