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Reports: 12-team playoff solution is on the horizon

Various reports this afternoon are sharing that the College Football Playoff management committee will emerge from their meeting today with a proposal for an expanded playoff.

The recommendation will be to move to a 12-team playoff that will include 6 of the highest ranked conference champions along with six at-large selections.

Nicole Auerbach was among the first to share the news.

The four highest ranked champions would get a bye while the other 8 would play their first round games on campus, Ross Dellenger tweets.

Dellenger adds that the details are far from finalized, but the move from 4-teams to 12-teams will be the recommendation of the committee after their meeting today.

Few will be happier with the change than Group of Five schools, who would now have a real shot at a playoff spot (and perhaps even hosting a game), and national title.

Looking at the end of season rankings from last fall, the SEC could have gotten four teams in a 12-team playoff field with Alabama at #1, Texas A&M at #5, Florida #7, and Georgia #9 while the PAC-12 would have been left out.

Outside of the four that made the field last season, a 12 team playoff in 2020-21 would have also included Oklahoma (#6), Cincinnati (#8), Iowa State (#10), Indiana (#11) and Coastal Carolina (#12). The teams that would have just missed the cut would have been North Carolina at #13 at 8-3 overall and Northwestern at 6-2 overall and #14. 

We will have more on this when a release confirms the reports.