While there are no guarantees at this point that we’ll see rivalries like Ohio State and Michigan kick week 7 this year, one thing we can always count on is the intense disdain between rivalries will live on – COVID or not.

That observation proved true on a recent Big Ten weekly teleconference call, which is closed to media, but word has eventually leaked of what took place during the call that included Jim Harbaugh and Ryan Day.

According to various reports around social media yesterday, Harbaugh and Day got into it a bit on the call. While Day was talking, Harbaugh allegedly interrupted him to say that the Buckeyes were violating rules by having on-field instruction and drills when it was not yet permitted. Harbaugh specifically brought up Al Washington (who interestingly enough coached the linebackers for the Wolverines in 2018) and mentioned a picture that had been circulating of him working with some Ohio State linebackers.

Day allegedly fired back at Harbaugh, “How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?”

That’s where the story gets even more interesting. Some folks had heard that Day then said something on the call about hoping that the conference better have a mercy rule this year because the Buckeyes was going to “hang 100” on them.

As jaw dropping as that would have been to witness that mic drop moment, it apparently did not happen on the call, as Dave Biddle points out in this VIP post on BuckNuts that was screen shotted for all to see. However, Biddle says that Day did take that nugget and say it during a team meeting today…and I can only imagine how that fired everyone in the room up.

See the full screen shot of that interaction between the bitter rivals below.