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Reports: Longhorns and Sooners expected to start process of joining SEC next week

Other leagues inquired, but the process for the Longhorns and Sooners to officially move to the SEC is expected to start next week.

We all knew college football realignment wasn't done, but who would have guessed the next realignment would include Texas and Oklahoma?

It appears things are much further along than the original reports from earlier this week led on.

According to a few reports now this morning, the process of joining the SEC is expected to start next week.

Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports goes on to add that the confidence of them being able to join SEC is strong, despite the fact that everyone and their mother knows that Texas A&M will strongly object, as AD Ross Bjork has publicly stated that he wants the Aggies to remain the only SEC school in the Lone Star State. 

11 of 14 of the current SEC schools would have to vote yes for the league to expand.

Thamel adds that the ACC and "other leagues" also made inquiries about adding the two football giants as well through backchannels and those talks have been going on for about a year.

Kirk Bohls adds that the move is "almost done."

Last night, officials in the Big 12 hopped on a call, but there wasn't a whole lot shared from those conversations. What was discussed, according to Thamel again, centered around the process and talk of the league bylaws if Texas and Oklahoma left, as well as buyout scenarios and specifics on the years that they would depart.

There's always a few other dominoes that fall during realignments, so while this would certainly be a monumental move for all of college football, there's sure to be some additional moving pieces. Whether that comes from the Big 12 or other leagues remains to be seen.