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Reports: Mel Tucker expected to be new head coach at Colorado

Multiple reports from Colorado, ESPN and others are appearing this morning stating Georgia defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is expected to become new head coach at Colorado (all with some sort of caveat such as "barring unforeseen circumstances...").

Yesterday morning we wrote that Tucker had emerged as a strong candidate for the job. We added that Tucker was expected to meet CU search leadership face to face following today's SEC Championship game.

Georgia's defensive coordinator and potentially the least well-known of the candidates to those in Colorado has been with Kirby Smart since joining Nick Saban's staff for the 2015 season, then followed Smart to Georgia as his defensive coordinator. Prior to joining Saban, Tucker had spent 10 seasons in the NFL most notably as defensive coordinator for the Browns, Jaguars and Bears. He also previously coached at LSU and Ohio State prior to his time in the NFL. Having spent some time with Tucker at Georgia, I can share he's an extremely personable coach. Leadership is not something he is lacking. In speaking with a few coaches last night, phrases such as, "He is fantastic in home visits"; "Kids play so hard for him, they love him."; and "Positive energy guy" were heard throughout the night. Tucker, we are told, is scheduled to visit with CU search leadership after the SEC Championship this weekend.

The question many in the coaching profession have asked FootballScoop over the past few days is what will Tucker do regarding an offensive coordinator. We don't know the answer to that question at this time; but one has to wonder if he will keep current co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini who many tell us is the key to retaining the Buffs recruiting class. The players like him. Not keeping him would be an indication CU AD Rick George wants a complete fresh start.

Stay tuned as much of this will play out in the next 24-28 hours.

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