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Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork knows how to respond to Twitter hecklers


Chances are pretty good that if you've got a solid Twitter following, you're eventually going to have some hacks come out of the woodwork attempting to rile you up.

Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

Last night, Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork was called out by one of those incessant hecklers, and Bjork struck back with a perfect response.

The exchange played out like this:

That tweet of Bjork with the Heavyweight Champion belt has over 400 retweets and over 700 favorites. It's funny, yet the belt shows that he means business (and can back it up).

More times than not, responding to those kind of fans/people is not the right thing, but let this serve as a lesson; when responding to internet hecklers seems unavoidable, be more like Ross Bjork. He seems to have this type of confrontation down.