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Return of Pac-12 may have just taken a significant hit

With the news of a possible Pac-12 return imminent, the league's chances of playing football in the fall may have just taken a significant hit.

Today, Boulder County, CO has issued an order halting all gatherings for county residents between the ages of 18 and 22 and issued a stay-at-home order to help stop the surge of recent COVID cases. The order takes effect at 4pm today, the Daily Camera shares.

The order states that college aged individuals “anywhere in the city of Boulder may not participate in any gatherings of any size, whether indoors, outdoors, on or off campus, or with individuals of any age.”

That means Colorado will not be able to practice or workout for at least two weeks.

This is on top of conflicting reports out there circulating whether UCLA would be ready to start on time with the rest of the league, and concerns about players being safely ready to return due to a lack of access to the weight room by some schools.

A Pac-12 vote is expected today, so could they work out some type of staggered start for some schools, or just shoot a return down and aim to be the only Power Five conference to play a spring season?

Read more from the Daily Camera on the situation here.

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