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Returning to training after the COVID shutdown with Westminster (Atlanta, GA) director of S&C Eric Lougas

As we begin to return to work with our respective teams, whether we already have that ability or are awaiting direction from our state association, coaches have a lot of questions about returning to training, so we brought a strength professional on to share some perspective.

Eric Lougas oversees a strength and conditioning program at Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia that has been very successful. At the time of the school shutdown, the school had a handful of teams ranked #1 in the state.

Recently, coach Lougas joined us to give a professional strength perspective on returning to training after the COVID shutdown.

Coach Lougas also provided some great perspective on:

  • Some areas of training to really focus on
  • The progression approach Lougas will be taking with his athletes
  • Why hip flexibility and focusing on the soft tissue areas will be important
  • Why he believes a conditioning test on Day 1 is critical to assess

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Here's the full clinic from coach Lougas.