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Reverend Jesse Jackson calls for discouraging athletes from going to Kentucky or Louisville

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has called on professional football and basketball players to discourage "high profile athletes, basketball and football players" from going to either the University of Kentucky or Louisville.

Jackson's demand comes the day after it was announced the police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor would not face charges directly related to her death. One officer will face charges related to his actions that night; but not specifically related to Taylor's death.

Reverend Jackson said, "We must make economic life in Kentucky inconvenient. This tactic has always worked for oppressed people."

In a separate note, Jackson also called for boycotting "every nonessential service in Louisville including horse racing and basketball recruits at the University of Louisville."

Both Mark Stoops and Scott Satterfield have been extremely supportive of enabling the voices of their players and staff to be heard throughout these trying times.

I really don't know exactly what good Jackson thinks will come from having high profile athletes not attend Kentucky or Louisville and I also don't know why residents of those cities or alums / supports of those programs would wish to do what he is asking; but this is something.

We'll keep you posted if anything further comes from the Reverend's calls.

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