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Reviewing video of the last series...while on the sideline


Back in June we wrote about how NFL teams (through a sponsorship with Microsoft) would be able to use Surface tablets this season while on the sideline to review still images of pre and post snap positioning (similar to viewing the old book of polaroid images). 

Well, over the past few days it seems that either Microsoft's PR department or perhaps the league's PR department has been telling the same story. I read a few of these last night, and kind of had to laugh. "Yippee, we now get to look at polaroids on a tablet. [sad trombone fail noise]" 

This morning I awoke to a text from a high school coach who apparently had the same thought I did, "Hey Scoop, tell your NFL buddies to take a look at SkyCoach! C'mon man"

Yes, as I'm sure most of you saw on here last week, we ran a few mentions of a software / package being used by a number of high school programs to practically instantly watch video of plays on the sidelines. This isn't new technology; but a smart group took existing over the air technology and adapted it to football needs (at the request of some local high school coaches). 

SkyCoach is pretty easy to understand.

    • Plays are recorded using an iPhone with a $40 lens added on
      • Plays are tagged by the filmer (with just the basics for easy & immediate review)
        • Using either wifi or over the air technology, plays are then viewable nearly instantly on iPads on the field

        After watching the videos above (especially that third video, just above this) it's really easy to see the value in the SkyCoach system. I have a feeling that within the next few weeks 1,000+ high school teams will adopt this system. Once that gains enough momentum, I have to think college programs will find a way to get this approved for their use...and then maybe, just maybe, in a few years, Microsoft PR will be telling the world about their "groundbreaking" new sponsorship with the NFL in which they tout a revolutionary new system that allows [wait for it]... "players and coaches on the sideline to watch actual video replay of plays that just occurred! [gasp]"

        Anyway, really not trying to knock the touted technological advances the NFL is making; but do want you all to know about SkyCoach

        Disclosure: SkyCoach is an advertiser with FootballScoop; but they had no role in creating this article.