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Rex Ryan: I would take the Redskins job

When Jay Gruden was fired earlier this week, a common reaction was something like this: "Who's going to take that job now?" It's not a bad question.

In addition to having one of the worst teams in the league -- Washington is 0-5 -- the Redskins are the most dysfunctional franchise in the league. The next head coach will be Dan Snyder's seventh hire in 20 years of team ownership. The team has two playoff wins in two decades. There's a good case to be made Snyder hired a GM with known alcohol problems, watched him relapse over the 18 months he held the job, then fired him because of those alcohol problems. The list goes on and on from there, and it all points to one conclusion -- Snyder is not a good owner to coach for.

So, yeah, who would want that job?

A lot of people, according to Rex Ryan -- Rex Ryan included.

"Of course. Anybody," Ryan said during an appearance on ESPN's Get Up in response to Pat McAfee's question of who would want to coach the Redskins. "I would take it."

"Here's the deal," Ryan continued. "People are going to be lined up for this job."

Washington may indeed be the 32nd most desirable job in the NFL, but it's still one of the 32.

It appears Mike Tomlin is the top target for the job as of now, but if Tomlin turns Snyder down and the Redskins owner finds himself interested in a coach with a 61-66 career record in eight seasons with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, well, Rex Ryan would like to talk.

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