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Rex Ryan's old custom painted Bill pickup truck has gotten a low-key makeover

Remember when Rex Ryan landed the Bills head coaching job and he started driving around that custom painted Bills themed-truck?

Here are a few pics as a refresher.


After Rex got fired, he shared the following with the New York Daily News about what ended up happening to that paint job:

“Let me tell you, I stripped that damn truck the day I got fired,” Ryan added with a laugh. “F--k you guys.”

Ryan, who will move from the Buffalo area to his home in Tennessee after the Super Bowl, replaced the oversized Bills logo on his truck with Clemson colors..."

Rex's son, Seth, plays wide receiver for Dabo Swinney at Clemson. so with a blank canvas to now work with, Rex's truck now looks a bit more low key - with a few pieces of Clemson flair.