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Video: When you've waited five years for them, you get to see your team's new facilities first

I know someone who played for Rice in the '90's. He talks fondly of how the Luby's nearest the fieldhouse doubled as their training table.

Rice had the honor of hosting the Super Bowl back in 1974. Rice Stadium still looks largely the same today.

What I'm saying is, Rice University -- while offering the best education of any university in a 1,000-mile radius -- hadn't exactly kept up in the facilities arms race. That's what made Thursday so special for the Owls.

Rice opened the Brian Patterson Sports Performance Center after a long wait, but before the Owls opened it to everyone, the first opened it to those who waited the longest -- its fifth-year seniors.

One was so excited he became the first, and hopefully last, Owl to lay down on the shower floor.

Take a look.