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Rick Neuheisel: Harbaugh "Jim-Schwartz-ed me" at post game handshake


There's a good reason that there usually aren't any microphones around for the customary post game handshake following a football game. Coaches are emotional creatures, and every once in a while their emotions get the best of them.

Every once in a blue moon a situation like this occurs.

On the Dan Patrick show earlier today, regular guest Rick Neuheisel shared a pretty funny story about a post game handshake he shared with Jim Harbaugh. At the time, Rick was at UCLA and Jim was at Stanford.

Trying to sum it up would be a huge injustice to Neuheisel's story telling ability, so press play to hear just how Harbaugh managed to ruffle Neuheisel's feathers.

Rick then goes on to share where he was when he saw the Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz situation play out part way through the NFL season.

Pretty funny stuff.