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Roger Goodell brought in NINE-FIGURE salaries each of the past two years in a bonus heavy contract

Thanks to a salary structure heavy in incentives, Roger Goodell's pay over the last two years has totaled almost $128 million.

It's no secret that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made a huge chunk of change over the past two years, and Ken Belson of the New York Times uncovered just how significant that figure is following some league ownership meetings.

Thanks to a pay package that includes about 90% of his earnings coming from bonus money, Goodell has brought in nearly $128 million the last two years. 

Those bonuses include securing media contracts worth more than $100 billion over the next ten years as well as a new 10-year labor deal with players.

That $128 million figure over the last two fiscal years works out to just shy of $64 million per year. 

Belson points out that the five-year deal Goodell signed back in 2017 (which kicked into effect come 2019) is worth up to $200 million total, and most of it is tied to meeting financial goals for the league. 

NFL owners on three committees then decide annually whether Goodell has met those standards.

Goodell has worked for the NFL for nearly four decades and took over as commissioner in 2006. He's been the target of more than a fair share of criticism over the years, but with a contract that hitting financial benchmarks, the new media deal and new media rights deal weigh in heavily for that $63.9 million annual salary.

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