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Roger Goodell confirms NFL draft will go on as scheduled

A report emerged earlier this week revealing some NFL general managers' trepidation with holding the NFL draft as scheduled, April 23-25, given, well... [gestures in the general direction of everything.]

Roger Goodell has heard those complaints, and still the show goes on.

In a memo released to the league on Thursday, Goodell confirmed the 2020 NFL Draft will be held April 23-25, in a format to be determined.

"Our staff is certainly mindful of the operations issues this presents, and our top priority is putting procedures in place that allow all clubs to operate on a level playing field so that the Draft is conducted in a way that is competitively fair to all clubs," Goodell wrote.

memo 1
memo 2

Further details on how teams will draft are, obviously, forthcoming. How they plan to prepare for those drafts appears to be up to them.

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