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Roger Goodell made over $31 million in 2015

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earned just over $31 million during 2015, according to the New York Daily News and a statement from the league.

The $31 million salary was a 7% pay cut from what he made in 2014 ($34 million), and back in 2012 Goodell made a whopping $44 million.

This is likely the last peek that the public will get at Goodell's annual salary as the league will no longer have to make his salary public as they are transitioning their status from tax exempt, to taxable.

So this may be the last time that salary of Goodell, or the next NFL's commissioner, becomes public knowledge.

Goodell joined the NFL in 1982 as an administrative intern under Pete Rozelle and steadily climbed the ranks to his current role, which he has held since 2006.

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