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Rutgers brought in a "hypnogician" for a highly entertaining team meeting

If you take a look at what Rutgers head coach Chris Ash and his staff are doing at Rutgers, much of it follows the Ohio State and Urban blueprint, but there are also a few outside-the-box ideas that Ash and his staff have incoporated as well.

To see one example, one needs to look no further than the team meeting room, where you'll find a basketball hoop as soon as you walk in the doors that is used daily for Ash's one-on-one games with players, team competitions, and a variety of other ways.

It doesn't end there, Ash and his staff decided to bring in renowned Hypnogician Kirsch (part hypnotist, part magician I'm guessing) to a team meeting recently, and what transpired allowed players to let loose a little bit after camp and it turned out to be a highly entertaining team bonding event.

(The video goes about a minute, followed by 5 minutes of black screen for some reason)