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Rutgers drops new uniforms... that look like their old uniforms

It's a tale as old as time: New coach, new uniforms. Nothing complete these the "It's a new era" metaphor quite like a new wardrobe.

But when your new coach is actually your old coach, your new uniforms look like your old uniforms.

Rutgers' new uniforms, unveiled Monday, are a (slightly) modified version of the same kits that Ray Rice wore during the salad days of Scarlet Knights football back in the mid-2000s.

To be clear, Rutgers' uniforms hadn't changed all that much in the Kyle Flood and Chris Ash eras. A nickname like Scarlet Knights tends to limit your options. The Flood era saw the Knights dabble with some sharp-looking silver lids, but Rutgers dressed like this in 2019 -- same block R helmet decal, just with a modernized font and some stripes on the sleeves and sides.

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The new unis keep the helmet exactly the same, and throw the jersey back to the first Schiano era. The only changes these eyes can see? The Nike and Big East patches have been replaced by Adidas and the Big Ten.