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Rutgers head coach Chris Ash on first season: "It looks like we're a long way off, but we're not."

As Urban Meyer's co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State, Chris Ash was part of a culture and program that coaches around the country try to copy and emulate with their own program.

Trying to rebuild the Rutgers program, Ash admittedly leans on a lot of his experience under Meyer and has brought many of those same philosophies with him from Columbus to Piscataway. After all, Urban's coaching tree is extensive and has no shortage of guys who have gone on to become succesful head coaches.

Ash's first season at Rutgers has not gotten off to a great start. Sitting at 2-7 with wins against Howard and New Mexico, the Scarlet Knights hit a tough stretch against Michigan, Ohio State and Illinois where they scored just one touchdown, and were outscored 160-7. In their last two games, Ash's crew has made significant strides on both sides of the ball, losing close games to both a seven-win Minnesota team (34-32), and Indiana (33-27) - who very possibly may end up bowl eligible.

Ash tells BTN during an All-Access segment that the program isn't as far away from being good as the ledger may show.

"It looks like we're a long way off right now, but we're not. We're closer in my opinion that people probably think."

"It's not a disappointment by any means, I think we've been able to build a solid foundation. We're building an identity of what we're going to look like on offense, defense, and special teams. In the future we just have to do those things a lot better."

Talking about the culture that he and his staff have built at Rutgers so far, Ash notes that it is one of accountability.

"When you get players to hold each other accountable, then you know you've got something special. We're not to that point yet. It is happening more and more as we continue to go through the season but we have to make sure that everyone is doing the job that they're being asked to do, and there has to be consequences if you don't get it done."

This weekend, 2-7 Rutgers will take on 2-7 Michigan State in a game featuring two Big Ten teams looking for their first conference win of the season. Then a home game against Penn State and a trip to Maryland remain on the schedule.

Check the clip to hear more from Ash, courtesy of BTN.