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Rutgers is ditching their latest uniforms and helmet for a more "traditional look"


When Rutgers unveiled their new uniforms and helmets back in 2012, fans raved about the lids and their battle worn look and how it tied into the Scarlet Knight mascot. It was something truly unique.

However, under new head coach Chris Ash, those uniforms and helmets are going to be replaced with something a little "more traditional". Ash's number one complaint with the newer uniforms actually comes from his time at Ohio State trying to scout Rutgers.

"It was terrible. The times I coached against Rutgers, that was like the No. 1 thing: When you're trying to identify personnel coming in the game and you can't see the damn numbers." Ash told NJ Advance Media.

A lot of coaches would see that as an advantage, but Ash is clearly more old school in his approach to uniforms, and the purpose that they serve.

"I just look at: Does Ohio State have 15 uniforms? No. Does Alabama? No. Does Michigan? No. Does USC? No."

"You look at some of the traditional best football programs around the country and they have an identifiable, clean, first-class look and that's what I want us to have."

Expect Rutgers to go back to something very similar to the look below. While it's not going to set social media on fire, Ash's old school approach when it comes to the unis will certainly appeal to a number of fans.

"When I got here I was fortunate to get in on the front end of it and make changes with uniforms and helmets. I'm a traditionalist. I'm not a guy that likes 15 different uniforms and 15 different helmets. I want a look that's classy, that's identifiable, that people really think looks sharp. We're going to hopefully have that type of look."

Head here to read Ash's full comments, and see how many Rutgers fans are for the change back to the traditional look.