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Rutgers' new throwbacks will throw it all the way back

Rutgers, as we know, was the original college football team, topping Princeton 6-4 to literally invent the concept of college football back on Nov. 4, 1869.

As the game celebrates its 150th birthday this fall, it's only natural Rutgers will wear throwbacks honoring the 1869 team. Except, well, this isn't exactly compliant with modern NCAA rules.

Rutgers Princeton

Homeboy in the bottom right corner could suit up today. He might not even need pads.

All of Rutgers' present-day players need pads, and helmets, and actual uniforms, so recreating the 1869 feel is a bit of a challenge. Adidas has done the next best thing, though: sleeves.

Yes, long sleeves will be part of every Scarlet Knight's uniform against Minnesota on Oct. 19.

Rutgers 1
Rutgers 2
Rutgers 3

Rutgers was known as the Queensmen back in 1869, and that name will don the nameplate of each player. (By the way, the Victoria was the Queen of England in 1869.)

Rutgers 4