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Rutgers will break from their traditional unis for their all-black "Stadium Lights" look

Chris Ash made it clear that he prefers the traditional Rutgers look, as opposed to the unique battle worn helmets and uniforms that the team was wearing prior to his arrival.

Well, for at least one game this year, Rutgers (who made the switch to Adidas this year) will don an alternate look, going black from head to toe in their new "Stadium Lights" uniforms for their game at Yankee Stadium against Maryland.

The look is very similar to other black uniforms that Adidas has rolled out in the past, but should surely create some excitement for the fan base and recruits who crave something different.

Lights bright, iron sharp ⚔️@RFootball will hit the field in their 'Stadium Lights'

— adidas Football US (@adidasFballUS) August 3, 2017