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Ryan Day puts an NIL price tag on what he thinks it will take to keep Buckeyes roster together

Meeting with local business leaders, Ryan Day shares the figure he thinks Ohio State is going to need in the coffers to keep their roster together.

With top players like Caleb Williams going from Oklahoma to USC and Jordan Addison transferring from Pitt to USC, we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as players seeking out new places to play where they can maximize their NIL earnings.

For coaches, keeping their roster together and developing guys over the span of 4-5 years got a bit tougher with NIL in play.

At Ohio State, Ryan Day has joined a growing number of coaches who are trying to see into the future a bit.

In speaking with a small contingent of the Columbus business community this morning, Day projected an annual NIL price tag on what he thinks it's going to take to keep the current roster of Buckeyes in scarlet and red.

That price tag? A cool $13 million, Doug Lesmerises shares.

With 85-scholarships, that works out to about $150k per player...if everyone were paid equally. At a place like Ohio State, there are going to be a few guys who can earn in excess of $1 million and a handful of guys worth $500k+.

In talking with recruits, Day and the rest of his Buckeye staff have been gathering information on what other programs are offering to certain position players. Top quarterbacks are typically getting in the ballpark of $2 million in NIL money while tackles and edge rushers are getting about $1 million.

The $13 million Day mentions isn't just getting them in the door with high school kids, but also goes to keeping upperclassmen who may want to test the transfer portal for better NIL opportunities.

According to, Day was speaking to community leaders as Ohio State hosted an NIL Corporate Ambassador program that encourages businesses to hire Buckeye athletes. Businesses would pay the athletes and they in turn would endorse them while being provided with internship and educational opportunities.

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