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As Ryan Day nears decision on defensive changes, he's "not worried about feelings"

There's a lot to take into account for Ryan Day as he contemplates changes on defense heading into this weekend's game against Tulsa, but feelings will not be one of those things.

Following their loss to Oregon last weekend, the chatter around the Ohio State program has centered around a possible change in defensive play calling responsibilities.

Just a few days ago, Day hinted at some "structural: changes following that disappointing performance against the Ducks, as it marked the third straight game of poor defensive production under the guidance of defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs.

The only other member outside of Coombs on the Buckeye's staff that has experience as a defensive play caller is secondary coach Matt Barnes. Barnes, who has been the only full-time defensive staff member up in the box through their first two games, was at Maryland in 2018 when he took over defensive play calling duties from Andy Buh under similar circumstances.

As of just before practice Thursday, Day shared that he hadn't made any final decisions on changes in the staff's game day responsibilities, but noted that he planned to make that decision after seeing how practice went.

"I'm still going to kind of see how practice goes today, and then we'll probably make a decision here later tonight," he said.

One thing you can count on though, is Day isn't worried about hurting feelings and is prepared to make the decision that puts his program in the best position to win against Tulsa, and moving forward for the Buckeyes.

“I think that what we have to do is what makes the best sense for us in terms of organizing the game plan and then calling the game on Saturday. And that’s all that we’re focused on right now."

"We can’t worry about feelings, we can’t worry about anything other than giving our guys the best situation to be successful. And that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

If a change is happening, this has been one of the hottest topics of the early season, and you'd expect to hear about it soon.

See Day's full comments in the clip.