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Saban: Alabama players have earned $1.7 billion in NFL

Always recruiting, Nick Saban uses the platform of the SEC spring meetings to share the impressive figure Alabama players have collectively earned in the NFL.

Since the public back-and-forth between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher a few weeks back now, fans of college football have had today - the start of the SEC spring meetings, circled just waiting for more fireworks.

However, cooler heads have least so far.

Saban was pretty short when asked about his critical comments of Fisher and Texas A&M's recruiting practices, offering only "I didn't really say that anybody did anything wrong," and "I've said everything I'm going to say about this."

He'd go on to add, "I have no problem with Jimbo. I have no problem with Jimbo at all." 

Fisher isn't scheduled to meet with the media today, but we'll get a chance to get his thoughts when his time at the podium comes.

With the media hanging onto his every word today, Saban brilliantly used the platform to plant a recruiting nugget that will be a popular point of conversation when they're talking to recruits.

Dating back to 2010, Saban shared that Alabama players have earned $1.7 billion in the NFL.

That's right. Billion.

Today may be the first time most of us have seen that figure, but it certainly won't be the last as Saban and his large support staff will use that on the recruiting trail as that figure will only continue to grow.

According to Spotrac, a site that tracks professional earnings, Alabama has a whopping 10 players that have earned at least $30 million playing in the NFL. That includes two guys that have made $75 million or more (WR Amari Cooper and SS Kareem Jackson).

Saban took over the Alabama program in 2007, so he could have taken credit a bit earlier, but in starting with the 2010 class he quiets any criticism that he was trying to take credit for guys he and his staff didn't develop. also helps when their earnings are in the billions and you don't have to stretch at all to get the point across.

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