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Saban explains how he deals with players who ask him about playing time

The conversation of playing time can be a sensitive issue between coaches and players. Truth of the matter is every program in America has at least a few guys who feel like they should be playing, or at the very least playing more.

How to address that issue varies from coach to coach. Some won't talk about it, others will gladly talk about what player X needs to do to improve and see the field more, and there are others that take a variety of different approaches.

With a roster full of some of the best football players in America, Nick Saban and his staff face some tough calls on who plays, and who sits each year. Saban also shared his unique approach on how he handles players who don't like their playing time.

Welp...there's one way to handle it when your roster is dripping with talent, straight from one of the best in the game.