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Saban wrote a letter to the Alabama HS that lost their coach

Earlier this week, Deshler HS (AL) head coach Jake Linville passed away, leaving behind a wife and pair of daughters, and a grieving community.

A few days later the school received the letter above from Nick Saban, who was kind enough to reach out and offer his condolences the old school way, with a letter from his office.

Say what you will about his fiery nature on the sideline or stern demeanor with the media, because its clear that behind all that is a man who understands what football, and its coaches really mean to a community. That is evident in his letter.

That hand inscribed #RollTide at the bottom of the page is a nice personal touch from Saban as well.

Classy move coach Saban. I tip my cap to you.

(H/T Saturday Down South)