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Salary details for Eli Drinkwitz's first Missouri staff have been revealed

Eli Drinkwitz has his 10 full-time assistants for his first staff at Missouri. We don't know exactly what all of them will coach -- five of the 10 have yet to receive their positional assignments -- but we know how much they'll be paid

Mizzou on Friday approved the contract and salary information for all nine Drink's 10 assistants (and they've since approved the 10th), and the school will pay a total of $8.945 million to employ all 11 coaches on its senior staff. That represents an 15 percent increase from the $7.78 million Mizzou paid Barry Odom and his 10 assistants in 2019.

Below is a table detailing what each assistant will make in 2020, juxtaposed against what they earned at their place of employment in 2019. Luper's salary at private school TCU was not publicly listed. Five of the remaining 10 coaches saw their salary at least double, led by the head man himself.

All salary information comes courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Coach (Title)

2019 Salary

2020 Salary


Eli Drinkwitz (Head coach)


$4 million*

$3.25 million (433%)

Ryan Walters (DC)



$0 (0%)

Brick Haley (Asst. HC/Defense)



$110,000 (21%)

Curtis Luper (Off. asst.)




Bush Hamdan (Off. asst.)



-$200,000 (-27%)

Marcus Johnson (OL)



$185,000 (58.7%)

Erik Link (STC)



$305,000 (254%)

David Gibbs (DBs)



$120,000 (40%)*

Charlie Harbison (Def. asst.)



$325,000 (361%)

DJ Smith (Def. asst.)



$260,000 (289%)

Casey Woods (TEs)



$173,750 (128%)

Total staff pay

$7.78 million

$8.945 million

$1.165 million (15%)

* - Average annual salary; 2020 figure has not been revealed 

Luper signed a 3-year contract upon arriving in Columbia, while Haley had his contract extended for a third year in remaining on from Odom's staff. The two other Odom holdovers -- Walters and Gibbs -- remained on their previous deals, which is why Walters did not net a raise.

Link, Harbison and Smith followed Drinkwitz from Appalachian State, while Hamdan served as Washington's offensive coordinator (hence, the pay cut). Woods was hired away from UAB and Johnson from Mississippi State.

Strength coach Zac Woodfin ($400,000) and DFO Andrew Lutz ($175,000) also signed 2-year deals.

The assistant coaches will work on identical bonus structures, which range from $5,000 for hitting the 10-win mark or being named a Broyles Award finalist to $75,000 for winning the national championship.

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