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Salary update - Justin Fuente and his Virginia Tech assistants

Earlier today, Virginia Tech announced that head coach Justin Fuente had signed a 1-year extension, keeping him with the Hokies through 2024.

They broke the news on Twitter with this tweet, touting Fuente's success and how it measures up to some other elite coaches around the country.

“We are very committed to Coach Fuente and his staff on a long-term basis,” athletic director Whit Babcock noted. “He has been very loyal and is a tremendous fit at Virginia Tech. We believe in further solidifying the upward trajectory of our football program by investing in him, as well as the wonderful coaches and staff surrounding him. We are pleased to provide additional support staff and resources to our football program.”

Also noted in the release is assistant head coach Galen Scott adding the co-defensive coordinator title, noting that he will work alongside Bud Foster in implementing the defensive game plan moving forward.

Further, a report from Andy Bitter detailed a few other interesting notes, including the following raises for the assistant coaches.

Coach (Position)

2017 Salary

2018 Salary

Justin Fuente (HC)

$3.25 million

$4 million

Bud Foster (DC)



Brad Cornelsen (OC)



James Shibest (STC)



Galen Scott (AHC / Co-DC / safeties)



Brian Mitchell (corners)



Charley Wiles (DL)



Vance Vice (OL)



Holmon Wiggins (WRs)



Zohn Burden (RBs)



Ben Hilgart (Strength)



Adam Lechtenberg (Player development)



In total, the assistant salary pool sits at $3.823 million annually.

Also among the notes from Bitter are update buyout terms for Fuente if he decided to leave Blacksburg. If Fuente were to leave and terminate the deal prior to December 15th he'd owe $5 million in 2018, $3 million in 2019, $1 million in 2020, $750k in 2021, $500k in 2022 and 2023 and nothing in 2024.

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