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Sark is adding a challenge to the end of spring practices to help finish games strong


LA Times

Sark and his USC squad don't take the field for another six months, but they're already finding creative ways to simulate the end of games during spring practice.

After reflecting on their 2014 season and the tough losses that came in the final minutes, and realizing the impact that they had on the rest of the season, Sark and his staff decided something needed to be done.

"If we win those two games, we're playing for a conference championship. You stop and think of the ramifications of that, of course we're going to address that and get better."

To remedy the situation, Sark and his staff decided to add a challenge at the end of practices to help simulate the final two minutes of regulation in the fall. In 2015, they'll make sure their players are better prepared.

"We're going to have a challenge at the end of every practice that will really exemplify the final two minutes of every game. We want to find who we can count on, and who those guys are that we can make plays in critical moments."

"The defense came out today, and it was the best of five, the defense came out the first three plays and got off the field and won the game." Sark noted.

"Hopefully, that idea of our ability to not only take the field and be excited and take the field at beginning of practice, but to also be our best at the most critical moment at the end of practice, and that's something that we're going to continue to work on."