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Sarkisian: "I'm a really big believer in The Football Gods..."


On the Dan Patrick Show earlier today, USC head coach Steve Sarkisian was asked if his mid-field handshake is different depending on whether his Trojans were on the winning or losing side of things.

In other words, has he ever had the urge to go all Jim Harbaugh on someone like Harbaugh did to Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz a few years ago?

"I try to keep it consistent," Harbaugh told host Dan Patrick. "I'm a big believer in The Football Gods, I really believe it. I think that you have to respect the game of football, and if you not, sooner or later it's going to come back and get you."

"Even if we've got the lead and I feel like we've got the game in hand, I'm not big on 'Let's just score as many points as we can score. Or, if I feel like the game has gotten out of hand, and I've been on the other end a couple times, at some point you have to respect the game."

"Let's end the game, and let's move on. Protect the kids, and let's play next week."

Hear more from Sark, whose Trojans open up with Arkansas State on September 5th, below.