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Saturday's One Minute Warm Up

- Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

- ESPN did a nice job gathering stories on a number of coaches' first jobs. - We've all been there.

- Auburn will see Baylor's rivalry shade and raise it one. Exactly one.

- The Packers have only three players on their roster that have ever played for another team. The rest of the league? At least 16. - Snoop's son is leaving the UCLA football team. You have to feel for the kid. - Samantha Ponder has stepped away from the Thursday sidelines. She explains why in an Instagram post.

- The most impressive shot you'll see all month.

In Case You Missed It:

- Rod. Rich Rod.

- The coach who never punts has come up with a new wrinkle for this year. It might be great. It might be insane.

- The trailer for this new NFL Network documentary on the 2014 Patriots looks incredible.

- We announced the 2015 FootballScoop High School Video of the Year winner on Friday.

On TV This Weekend:

- Tampa Bay at Minnesota (8 p.m. ET Saturday, NFL Network)

- Indianapolis at Philadelphia (noon ET Sunday, NFL Network)