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Scholarship alert: Boise State reads "letters" from young fans to surprise a walk-on offensive lineman with a scholarship

This time of year is one of my favorite because it's littered with programs awarding deserving walk-ons with scholarships, and finding creative ways to do it. Enter Boise State and head coach Bryan Harsin.

At the end of practice the other day, Harsin was handed a few pieces of "fan mail" that they had decided to read in front of the entire squad.

"I am the Broncos #1 fan. I especially like the offensive line," one of the letters reads. "I really like Kellen Buhr, my most favorite player."

Now, at that point, you probably smell a curveball coming because very few kids write in and talk about how a walk-on offensive lineman is their favorite player on the team...but nonetheless.

"Then it goes on to say, 'he should have a scholarship.'" before then Harsin enthusiastically adds, "I agree! He should have a scholarship."

At that point the team goes nuts, and we all get goosebumps. Good stuff.

Yesterday, the Broncos of Western Michigan released a video highlighting one of the better and more creative approaches to giving a walk on a scholarship by bringing Sly Stallone into the fold, and over the weekend Eastern Michigan had cops show up to practice to do the same for one of their walk-ons.